How to Obtain a Skell – Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide


How to Obtain a Skell – Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide

So you want to ride a Skell, do you? Well, in order to pilot one of these bad boys, you need to have to do various things before you are able to fight indigens

Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell Gameplay and Customisation Basics

Today’s DGP episode brings you the giant mechs of Xenoblade Chronicles X. I get access to my first Skell and show off a few things. Enjoy!

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Xenoblade Chronicles X English – Part 8 – The Proficiency Exam ~ Obtaining Skell License

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After finishing chapter 6, you get the option to obtain your Skell license by going through the Proficiency Exam. Decided to make a separate video for this. There are 8 that you have to complete, which aren’t too bad.

Riding it is probably one of my favorite parts of the game.

Exam 1 & 8: 2:40
Exam 2: 2:59
Exam 3: 4:15
Exam 4: 6:55
Exam 5: 8:03
Exam 6: 7:43
Exam 7: 8:35

Played by me
Recorded using Elgato Game Capture HD60

Xenoblade Chronicles X Survival Guide: Large Skell Combat

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide – Probe BASICS

Hey guys! I decided to start a series of random Xenoblade Chronicles X guides for things that gave me trouble while playing.
I hope this helps some people out!

This time, I’m covering the usage of probes on FrontierNav. Don’t be overwhelmed, use these to their maximum potential to make your game experience better!

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