Fossil Pokemon – Pokemon X and Y Guide


Fossil Pokemon – Pokemon X and Y Guide

Pokemon have been around for a very long time. Some Pokemon existed millions of years ago, but became extinct over that length of time. Like any other extinct

Pokemon XY Walkthrough- Sail Fossil/ Jaw Fossil

This video is a recording of me playing Pokemon X on the Nintendo 3DS. In it I show you where you can recieve a jaw fossil or sail fossil. Then, I show you how to restore it into Tyrunt or Amaura.

Pokémon X and Y – Episode 12 | Ambrette Town!

Pokémon X and Y Let’s Play / HD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12!
We head through Muraille Coast and make it to Ambrette Town! Ride that Ryhorn!

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Pokemon X and Y Tips : How To Get Cranidos and All Fossils

In here I will teach you to get the Pokemon Cranidos from the fossils. Also in this cave you can obtain all the Pokemon Fossils Etc

Pokemon X Y: Where to find Pokemon Fossils

I will be showing you where to find fossils you will need rock smash.