Special Bosses – Tales of Arise Guide


Special Bosses – Tales of Arise Guide

This section covers all optional bosses in the game. It is currently a work-in-progress and will be updated as information becomes

Tales Of Arise: Spirit Temple Guide

The Spirit Temple can be a confusing place as its very easy to get spun around and lose your bearings during combat. From the starting spot walk forward, turn right, enter the portal you see.
In the next area walk forward twice, turn right, walk forward twice then enter the portal you see.
In the 3rd area walk forward, turn right and enter the portal.
In the 4th and final area walk forward, turn right, walk forward twice and then enter the portal to get to the Grand Gnome.

Spirit Temple Quest and boss fight https://youtu.be/HPAHRtNA7nQ

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Tales Of Arise | CHARACTER CLASS GUIDE + Advanced Combat

Tales of Arise character class guide, and advanced combat gameplay tips.
Which character fits you best? Rinwell, Alphen, Kisara, Shionne, Law, or Dohalim!?
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Early access to this game was provided by Bandai Namco.

This wall all captured from the PlayStation 5 demo, in “framerate” mode.

00:00 Intro
00:34 Rinwell
01:53 Alphen
02:51 Kisara
03:50 Shionne
04:39 Law
05:31 Dohalim
06:21 Character Montage
07:22 Outro

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HOW TO BEAT THE SECOND LORD!! (Easily.) | Tales of Arise | [Lord Ganabelt Boss Guide]

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Tales of Arise – Procella Sylph Boss Fight & Location (Billowing Cyclone Trophy Guide)

Tales of Arise Billowing Cyclone Trophy Guide / Achievement Guide – Defeat Procella Sylph. Soaring the skies on its back will forever remain a cherished memory. [Bronze]

Procella Sylph is the boss during Sub-Quest “Farewell, Mage”.

Location: Mahag Saar – Niez
Talk to the old man at the exit to Aqfotle Hills, same one who gave Sub-Quest “Echoes”. Do the other quests in Niez first for this one to become available. If it doesn’t show up you must return later after having beaten the 5th Lord (finished Ganath Haros realm, near end of story). This quest leads you through Mount Dhiara to the Ridge and into a tall tower. Go to the top of the tower to fight the secret boss called Procella Sylph.

Tales of Arise Trophy Guide & Roadmap:
Tales of Arise Wiki & Strategy Guide for 100% Completion:

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